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Weird dream

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Had a Dream last night.
It started of with me in a Chinese restaurant eating children soup and then everything was a blurry but then i was in like an apartment and i was putting metal on a door and i needed a hinge so we went to this Alien space ship witch inside looked liked my old work. I had a Dream before were we discovered the ship and found a dead alien, it was green and had blue blood and i remembered it had like molde growing on it. I walled around and i got to the back of the shop and then i seen it. It was still alive, all disfigured. It started coming towards me and i grabbed my knife and slashed at it, nit having mutch effect. It backed me into a corner and then....i shifted into a wyvern. I burnt through the roof, i squished the alien and burned to who place. The last thing i remembered was flying of somewhere.
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