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Well, that was awesome

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I had a draconic dream shift last night. Those are pretty damn rare for me... I think I remember one or two, before this one?

The dream itself was kind of weird and I only remember parts of it - I think it was some kind of dark-ish modern fantasy setting, in a big city. I feel like I was being chased by people for something, but I can't remember what for.

Anyway, I ended up stuck in the scaffold of a (probably unrealistic) bridge made partially of brick and partially wood. Enemies above, long and painful drop to water below.

Then, suddenly, I was a dragon. After realising that meant I had wings, I tore through the scaffolding and sort of half-fell, half-glided back to somewhere safe (I had wings, but that doesn't mean I knew how to use them...). Can't remember much after that, but I'm really hoping I went back and taught those idiots who were chasing me a lesson.

So, yeah, that was awesome.

Now I'm just sad I can't spontaneously dragon in real life.
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