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What do you know about dissociation?

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So, out of curiosity, and because of what has happened before, I took two different online tests for dissociation disorder.

These two, specifically -
Abuse Recovery - Dissociation & Depression: Depersonalization Test-Questionnaire
Psychological Counseling Services - Screening Test for Dissociative Identity Disorder

And both stated I may have some form of dissociation disorder

I have had experiences before regarding dissociation, more like I struggled with reality in some cases.

-Whilst at work, I started feeling light-headed and almost a 'floaty' feeling filled my whole body, and I felt so strange that I had to keep my hand on a table just to reassure myself that it was real, that I could feel it.
-Six months on at work, I'm sat down doing my job and suddenly my sense of touch and hearing gets less, and even though I can move perfectly fine, if slower, it was much harder to put my thoughts across as words, and I didn't feel like I was a part of my body at that point, more so just inside it.
-When looking down in front of a mirror, there were recurring thoughts of not recognising what I saw in a reflection when I did decide to look up
-When in the shower, again I felt slightly light-headed and just felt like I'd faded out slightly, as if it felt like the water would go straight through me in some form.

Some of the more dangerous experiences -

-Whilst in a driving lesson, I must have zoned out to the point of not remembering what had happened, being told I was about to run a red light. I don't remember any thoughts that were during that time.
-Whilst stopped at a junction, everything faded out. When I came to my senses, I was halfway across the road with a car coming my way flashing it's lights. I don't recall what happened in those moments, nor do I remember any thoughts.

If anyone can help with this, or advice, it'd be much appreciated
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