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What makes a kintype, anyway?

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And so the epic saga of identity questioning continues... this time in the flavour of "okay, yes, I am these things... but are these even kintypes?"

The definition of otherkin is to identify as something non-human. But... how far does that go?

My demon aspect behaves more like a median personality than a kintype. That is, when I'm demon shifted, I am for all intents and purposes a completely different person with a completely different personality. It's such an abstract, alien thing that I can't really think of it as being myself. Even if it is. It's always one step removed - it's an it, rather than just being me. In any given situation, I could say what I would do, and I could say what it would do. I could talk about how its opinions differ from my own. I don't think it's actually an alter or facet, because it is an integral part of myself, far as I can tell. Just a very, very, very far removed part of myself. But practically, as far as experiences go, I'm not really sure where it fits into things.

My dragon aspect isn't any clearer. It's hard to really say whether it's a kintype or just some kind of evolved personal metaphor or something - it seems to straddle the line between the two. I do see myself as a dragon, but... am I a dragon dragon, or just a wolfperson who sees themself as a dragon? Is there even a difference between the two? Where's the line drawn, with things like this?

And then there's the whole polymorph thing, which I don't tend to look at as a kintype at all. It could possibly be related to my demonic aspect (which is formless and probably fits the classic definition of a polymorphic entity) but I tend to see it more as a... personality trait. I don't actively identify as a polymorphic entity, I just have the shifting tendencies of a polymorph-identified person. I can't say whether I actually am a polymorphic entity or not. Maybe it's just caused by the psychological weirdness that comes with trauma and a messed up childhood. It's not a separate kintype, either way. It's either a trait of my demonic aspect, or just a part of being me (most likely, with the way these things tend to work out, it's both).

I'm glad I'm not hugely focused on labels, or this would drive me insane.
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