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What is best for me and Syret? Is there any possible way to know? Do we stop playing this game and become one? Or do we stay apart and enjoy each other's company? I don't want to make Syret merge. He's become so much. It just wouldn't seem right. Everything is so different now. A year ago, would I ever have guessed how much I have changed? Syret and me are just swirling down this eternal whirlpool, and I can't just get out of it. I can't reverse everything I have seen, everything I have thought about, everyone I talked to, everything I found inside myself. So we're just going to have to keep walking down this path, even if it seems like I would have been better off if I hadn't looked so deep inside myself. If i hadn't found Syret, or all of these other confusing things. What if I had just kept all those things locked in the boxes in the back of my mind, never to open them? Would I be destined to open them eventually? Or would my life had been better off without all of these things I have to think about weighing me down? These heads, these wings, this tail, it all makes me feel heavy. What if ignorance really is bliss? But I want to know. I want to find all of these things waiting for me. However, how can I know that it's not going to just weigh me down further? What if I don't need it?
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