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Sometimes the wings just come up randomly for a few moments and then go away. Like last night, when I was getting ready for bed - I have to go from my room to the bathroom a few times to get water for my nightly offerings, and as I was going to the bathroom to get water I felt the wings there, as I walked through the door. They only lasted a few moments before going away.

I still don't know for sure what they look like. I get the impression of them being long, and sort of trailing, but maybe not. I think they're either made purely of energy/magic, feathered, or bug wings - definitely not bat/leathery wings. I think I saw them more as dragonfly wings when I was younger, but that's probably because I loved dragonflies as a child. Like, really loved them.

In the past few years I've seen them more as feathered wings, but I don't know if I can trust that because that's about when I got really into fanfiction where people had feathered wings, and that might have influenced me.

It's frustrating because I get the feeling that they're there, but I can't tell more than that. They keep changing and being unclear and it's annoying, but I'm still glad of them. They feel comforting, even if they're not very detailed or vivid, and the sensation is sometimes uncomfortable.

Update: I wonder if maybe they are made of energy. That would explain a bit why they seem to change sometimes. Also, sometimes (often when something makes me feel angry and/or protective) I feel like I'm "pulling" energy/power up around me, and that my wings get a bit bigger as they flare out. It might be an illusion, of course, to give the impression they're bigger, but I suppose it's something to consider.
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