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Work, Youtube and Humans.......oh my!

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I know I should write here more often.
In a way typing on a keyboard provides some comfort, a stimulus that allows me to vent while still keeping the medium calm. Well life is a scary movie sometimes when you look at it.
Firstly work, a role in which you have to be someone else and not do when comes naturally to you just to earn the money to live naturally (barely)
Secondly Youtube, now yes I know there are some fun videos and some cute videos as well of young animals, personally I enjoy the puppies, kittens and little monkey (I forget the name) but a lot of videos are like blogs where people vent and some of the things that are vented would make Hilter or Stalin blush.
Finally humans, since time immemorial nudity has been taboo, ones primal nature is taboo and yet words are given more power than the claw (or fist in this regard). A word can trigger a person and get you fired, a word can have you attacked and beaten up and yet the moment you introduce fist in defense you are vilified for the rest of your life and words will be used against you, recorded and stored for all time.

How backwards
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