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Writer's Block is Going Away...!

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For about the past month or so I've had the most awful case of writers block. It was pretty torturous too, since it was the kind where I knew what to write but, for some reason I just couldn't put anything down on the page. I can't stand when that happens, it happens rarely but, when it does it hits me hard. I end up not being able to write anything for a few weeks to a month and I'm the type of person who gets ideas hourly. Good thing is that I'm starting to get my muse back, I'm currently working on a short screen play with a friend and a fantasy novel. Both are going well. I can't wait to finish the first draft of my novel too, since I've been working on it for a good year now. My friend also agreed to animate my screenplay, she's works fairly well with MMD models and other models of that type. We're hoping to make a mini web series! So overall, things are going pretty well for me now. ^.^
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