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Writing Feels and Personas

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1. Start off with a decent idea for a fantasy/mercenary kind of story
2. Have many jumbled ideas for said story (a good start, if any)
3. Suddenly think 'what do I feel would be best?'
4. End up with the plot of a guy who has severe generalised anxiety and uses drawing as a calming/relaxation technique
5. End up having better ideas and more relatable situations
6. Ideas don't jump around as randomly
7. Realisation of self


I've built up my online persona for around three years now, noting that my stories almost always revolved around the same characteristics, the same kind of person. My username was adopted from said characters last name, and from there it has always been something I respond to as my own (to the point where I've considered legally having it as my middle name), and also to the point where if it's already taken on another site, I'll be a bit put out by it - strange things, names...

I got ref sheets, artwork, stories commissioned. Yes, sometimes the backstory didn't add up, but it was good to read, to vent, to imagine and desire. I'd roleplay, and it would feel so natural, a second skin if you will. At times I've seriously considered having a tailor made outfit, I could pull it off, heh.
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