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Yay, I have sleep issues...

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So, for the past two to three weeks, I've gone through one of two scenarios

1 - waking up between 3am to 4am
2 - unintentionally staying awake, then going to check the time - almost every time it has been between 3am and 4am

Now, yes I use my iPad up until maybe 10pm (weekday) and 11pm (weekend), so that may have an effect. But I've always used it up until that time, and I've always turned the brightness way down and just stuck to being on this site/discord/Skype. At times after I put my iPad down I do try and relax through some form of meditation, but I get the same 'waking at an ungodly hour'.

During the week I have to get up at around 6am, so three to four hours of sleep isn't desirable.

I'm unsure, because it started to happen after I started figuring out about starseeds, so maybe it's connected to that. No clue.

If anyone has any ideas/advice to get my sleep back to the way it was, I'd appreciate it.
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