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  • Sugilitekomori19
    Blog: Sugilitekomori19's blog. By Sugilitekomori19 at 10:43 PM.
    For the longest time now, I have wanted to travel the corners of the globe for the purpose of exploration. I've wanted to see sights and smell new scents with my snout. But I've wanted to travel to some places in search for the truth. For the answers to everything unknown and unexplained. Of...
  • Jan
    Blog: Gryneos's blog. By Gryneos at 6:38 PM.
    Thanks to making a statement to a new user in chat, I've been spurred on to write something that perhaps has only just now clicked. That is, while I have a complete centaur description of myself, I don't actually have any Other Life connections in that same form. None of the ones I can remember...
  • Jan
    Blog: erens's blog. By erens at 3:21 PM.
    So.... like, a while ago I had a dream that briefly mentioned me being a prince of darkness. I didn't look too much into it but as of late i've been getting a lot of those feelings. I'm wondering if i might identify as a demon or something, but i'm not quite sure how to go about it, hah....
  • Spencer
    Blog: Spencer's blog. By Spencer at 11:27 PM.
    I wear two necklaces with wolves on them along with my theta-delta necklace. A while ago, my grandma commented on my wolf necklaces, saying she's known since I was little that I was a wolf and that I have some wolf in me. I was completely shocked by this, because I've never said a word to my...
  • Konayaki
    Blog: Konayaki's blog. By Konayaki at 8:40 PM.
    I'm gonna basically not set anything in stone from now on and try and identify with my main kintypes rather than think i'm this or that. I'm just accepting the fact that I'm polytherian and I may have more kintypes than I want. It's a hassle to struggle with identity issues but I'm pretty much...
  • Jan
    Blog: Sugilitekomori19's blog. By Sugilitekomori19 at 11:02 AM.
    Hey kinfolk, Sorry about the silence over the last day or so. I've had work and I had to clean up parts of my den. (Well, the parts of my friend's house that I'm keeping my belongings in, haha). Now that I have a few days off, I can post a bit more.
  • Jan
    Blog: puppyresidue's blog. By puppyresidue at 12:47 AM.
    I came to have my kintypes questioned in a healthy manner to avoid confirmation bias. To have rational, intelligent, mature discussions and legitimate debates where valid sources are valued. I did not come here to be told as a matter of fact that trans people don't exist or deserve respect,...
  • Chaos Junkie
    Blog: Chaos Junkie's blog. By Chaos Junkie at 12:11 AM.
    So, I only recently found out what an otherkin was and I looked up a bunch of stuff and am now 99% sure that I am one. Or at least some form of thilanthropian. The only thing is I have no idea what I am. I also am "asleep" inside and have been for a while. I read that most thilanthropians, (I...
  • Gryff
    Blog: Gryff's blog. By Gryff at 4:33 PM.
    This is it, folks. In a few days, we'll have the second illegitimately elected presidents in my lifetime. There have been 7 elections on my lifetime, 3 without incumbents. And of those, 2 have been won without the popular vote. That doesn't make sense. It's appropriate that the song lyrics I'm...
  • Celestial Discover
    Although we're still quite a newbie on digital art, I (the host, anyway) really find it surprising how sometimes one piece would lead into something else (whether it'd be a continuation, a series, or... a whole host of other things, really). Just like with how it is this morning. Went to create...
  • Jan
    Just got back from Plymouth with some new stones! I always like going there because they have a Metaphysical supply shop near the Towne Square. I also got a Reiki infused courage candle! I was going to get some dried Hibiscus too and now I'm sorely disappointed that I didn't... Going off of...
  • Jan
    Blog: Sugilitekomori19's blog. By Sugilitekomori19 at 12:52 PM.
    Hey, it's Lucian! Happy to be here with my fellow kin! I know, I know, the first few entries from a newbie are all the same, but be assured that my content will grow far more interesting over time. First thing is first- I have to decide what I would like to primarily dedicate this blog to. Of...
  • The Observer
    Blog: The Observer's blog. By The Observer at 10:50 PM.
    I'd say its been several months since I've last been on here. Then again, besides the apps on my phone, (facebook, Instagram, etc...) I really haven't been on any websites in a long time. Some of it has to do with being busy, and the other reason I'm not quite sure. I don't know if this will...
  • CheshireSmile
    Blog: CheshireSmile's blog. By CheshireSmile at 6:16 AM.
    So, this was delayed due to life reasons. Time to get back to it. On my first library trip to find more details, and hopefully actual changeling myths instead of the summaries I had found online, I pretty much just got tales from England and Ireland. It's a public library not a university one...
  • Lemonadelance
    Blog: Lemonadelance's blog. By Lemonadelance at 9:34 PM.
    Not Angel, Elf. I was not Divine in the way of directly serving the Divine like and Angel would, but the world I have seen has have many similarities to that of an Elf so that is the best term I have found so far. Case closed, hopefully forever, probably not.