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floating in the wind

I'm floating in the wind towards the light that is beckoning me, the veil has been peeled back and I see reality for what it really is, I'm going to the land I was promised. Promised but also chosen to go to, forced to, transformed without my consent to a willing inhabitant of this land. Is it weird how they can do that? Make you consent to something? Oh there's another layer of the veil to pull off, how did I not see that? I swear this time is reality. Not only is my body not my own, it's its o



anhinga anhedonia

haha it's a play on words Anyway, that play on words sums up how I'm feeling and have been for a while. Like I just can't enjoy things that require relating to the human perspective. There's a lot of TV to watch but I can't enjoy any of it because I feel so detached from the experiences and feelings it's based on. (Especially if they're gender-specific, for some reason. It's like double bad because I don't relate well to gender divisions and don't relate to most human experience in general)



5 AM listening to wistful soundtracks thought Wistful music I am listening to. Yes, it's a game soundtrack. You wake up. It's only been a second since everything went dark. You are alone. Alone with your memories...are those your memories? You don't feel like they are. They feel different. Something isn't right. You remember these memories clearly, but something is...wrong. You are in your house, so you go outside. Nothing looks right, even though you know it is. This is w



The Stygimoloch and Me

First off, what is a Stygimoloch? I'm not even sure I can pronounce that. It's a non-avian dinosaur. A relative of Pachycephalosaurus. In fact, there's a theory that Stygimoloch represents a variant of Pachycephalosaurus, either a juvenile Pachy or that the two "species" are actually separate sexes of the same dinosaur. It seems that the current popular theory is that Stygimoloch is the intermediate stage of growth between the smallest and least...endowed member of the family, Dracorex, and the


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