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About this blog

A general blog for this android to ramble on in. Likely not often to be used.

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Identity and Activities, Career and Hobby

So, I got thinking after receiving a few questions in a discord server I’m a part of, about how my two kintypes interact with my day to day life as a physical human. They’ve found ways to intertwine themselves into my daily life, through my career, hobbies and comforts, as well as my habits.  The first and foremost example I felt strongly about was career. So, I’m a technician, as well as someone who identifies as a piece of technology, working with machines through sound systems and ligh



Obsession and Identity

So, I'm kicking this into high-gear, or higher than before at least. I've been criticized enough - welcome criticizing, as it's honestly needed - that I have and have as far back as I can remember had an obsession with the source I've been considering, having identified myself as an Alolan Marowak for a couple of years. And admittedly, I do, even if child me quite disliked the Pokemon I've thought I've been myself. And while I truly to feel that the Alolan Marowak is me, I need to be certain tha



The Road to Self-Discovery Isn't a Simple One

This is a slightly more odd and personal entry than I've posted before, but here's a look into my mind and some questioning I've been caught in. So, I've been going hard on questioning this Alolan Marowak kintype for about over 2 years now (man, October 2016). Ramping up the intensity of the self-grilling the more I figure out about it. I've questioned nearly everything I could think of that would be similar to the slightly-anthropomorphic reptilian phantom body, territorial and warring tra

Let's Take a Crack at This

So, I'm a terrible Guardian, to say the least. Work has been non-stop, finally becoming properly employed after graduating college has basically devoured my personal life right up, and with that my time to focus on my nonhumanity. But, I'm trying to take more time for that and for self-reflection, between work at least. I've got a second interview for being stage crew and lighting/audio technician on a cruise ship's theatre in a couple of days, so if that shows nicely I'll be able to put do



I Should Be Doing Better at This

I've been busy, I'll say that. Finally finished some post-work call paperwork and got a bit of sleep after working through yesterday and the night before, and I'll be in the city again for about 24 hours tomorrow for work again. All in all, I really need to move there to cut down on how much I need to travel for work, it's getting brutal. But, the blues of rent being costly. We'll see where it goes. With being busy, I've set a lot of things that are important to me off to the side, shut dow


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