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A blog containing my thoughts on random things.

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My Chest Feels Lighter

A huge weight was taken off my shoulders last night after I somehow obtained a solution to one of my personal problems in the middle of typing my own response to something on Reddit. There's still some weight left in my chest and it seems to be related to my writer's block and probably my issues with chronic procrastination that I need to crack down on working through as soon as possible. Saying I'm a chronic procrastinator is no longer funny or a "joke" of any kind. I've taken it too far and it



I Have Some Questions

I'm starting to wonder if I'm canon divergent with Aoi Zaizen too, because after the new episode of VRAINS, I'm now thinking about the possibility of being exposed to alternate versions of these canons in a past life. This possibly means I'm canon divergent for Shion Kiba as well, but not much happened with me to point to that being the case. The concept of exposure to alternate timelines of canons alone probably sounds ridiculous. It's not something I can properly confirm for sure. I am conside


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