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About this blog

Just a way to write about experiences but also some thoughts. I see it as a way to let out all of these thoughts.

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The most possible truth behind the Rauisuchus

People might remember the previous two entries regarding this stuff. This creature was really confusing to the point I didnt know what to do besides exploring different angles and see what would make the most sense. I have in my absence here continued that avenue to discover a really interesting twist in the story what would make the most sense. As far for the other angles, I did the cameoshift angle but as with the Dunklesoteus there was more to the story then just that. In the most sense I gue



New developments

I am still on track on what is happening but my research is taking suprising twists and turns. The important thing is that the shifts have increased and are a bit stronger then the usual shifts I experience. It helps me to build up a picture of what is happening. Before I go further into it I also studied this relation to the Rauisuchus who seemed to have triggered something. I have tried to approach it from all points but it seems there is a link to be found what really points towards the outco



The case of Raisuchus #2

Alright, I know it might not be to long after the first post but I also disappeared from the site for a while and used that time to really reflect on everything I know. Some interest things happened in the time I was away. I mentioned in my first post about it either being a cameoshift, Godec form or a seperate thing like the Dunkleosteus. It seems it is less likely that it is a cameo since it sems to be grouned into more then mere cameos. That left me with one of the 2 possibilities. I did refl



The case of Raisuchus #1

This will be a ongoing thing relating to my investigation into these shifts what were there a while but were always written off to imagination of one of my forms. The goal is to find a possible explenation based on the experiences I have from investigating the Godec kintype and the Dunkleosteus Terrelli and the relation to each other. Can this animal basicly be like the other extinct earthly animals and be a form of the Godec that is now just starting resurface, be like the Dunkleosteus and be m



Dunkleosteus Terrelli and my feelings towards other aquatic animals

This was a idea given to me by Amber so thanks for that. Does identifying as a prehistoric aquatic predator affect my feelings towards other aquatic animals?  This is certainly a interesting question and one I have to think about a bit but I guess I can try to answer it as honestly as possible while also touching a bit on my personal experiences and my theories of possible behavior of the fish but I dont claim them as fact. All this is guesses at best till science can either back those up o



How does it feel to have a prehistoric kintype?

This question is something that I have asked myself all the time. Im sure some people would also ask the same question when speaking with me. I am for now speaking only about the Dunkleosteus Terrelli and not the Godec kintype. I hope to at least give my own experiences as I seem to be the only Dunkleosteus Terrelli therian out there for now at least.  In the otherkin community it seems that everything related to prehistoric animals are uncommon. While I have mostly seen something more towa



Dunkleosteus Terrelli

How to start. As everyone knows this is an extinct fish from the Devonian Age. I guess that doesnt need really explaining since it is a fairly well known thing when people are aware of this fish but just in case. The Devonian Age was around 419.2 million years ago till 358.9 million years ago. A nickname for this age was the Age of Fish since fish species really flourished during this age. The first ray-finned and lobe-finned bony fish appeared. The palcoderms what the Dunkleosteus is part of be



The Great Spirits

Some may have heard me mentioning them or at least one of them. They can be compared to gods and yet also not at the same time. I hope to create at least some understanding of them and how they interwine with my Godec life and people. First thing to cover is that each Great Spirit is made of a unique energy in the purest form possible what allows them to maintain balance in these energies what create the realm. In other words as long the Great Spirits exist, the realm where the Godecs live



A first ever look upon a Godec form

A commission I did via a artist to give a first ever impressio from one of my Godec forms. This is a form I do experience commonly and hopefully gives a good insight in how familiar and yet alien the forms can look. This is my lion form and the first one to be brought to life via art. I know people can be a bit confused sometimes at how it can possibly look.



The Godec

This is a more of the less a background on the Godecs since that is part of understanding the Godec kintype. To understand the kintype, the history behind it is an intergral part of the kintype The Godec as I call it since my people from that life were known as Godecs, well it has a rather interesting history behind it if one is open to believe it. But the question here to ask would be: what is this kintype exactly? Despite being similiar in name and nature, Godecs are not a type of Go


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