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About this blog

The place where I will talk about interesting things that happen, most likely kin related. Stay inked, friends! 

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SDB#5: I need better titles

Woopdeedoo its been a week! Time to post another pointless rambling! Yaaaaay. kin: no new memories as of late, which is disappointing. I've been really homesick lately... knowing there's no way back makes it worse. Even with astral stuff... idk.  School: going... ok. There's this kid who I don't know, but he just... showed up at our table one day. He refers to me as "Springy". I don't know his name at all, but he seems to be entirely focused on me. He at one point was saying things he somehow knew made me uncomfortable/upset till the point of I cried. When my friends asked him what is problem was he simply responded he was doing his job. And the next day he just... started petting me...   im normally a pacifist but he's pushing it. Really.   Life:. Ehhhhhhhhhgghhhhhhhh I haven't slept well in forever, what is this depression, I can't draw why do I do it, why am I trying vufhcycoyodydoyxoyoxyocgoc   And thats my blog for this week guys. See you next week. 



Sunday Blog 4

Well guys, I'm still alive. This week has been a bit hectic,  with winter break ending and all that. So, anyway, I should have a bit more to talk about this week.  school: same as ever. We're in the final stretch of the first semester, so we're really being pushed on out grades. I'm not failing any classes though, so. Going still feels weird, looking at those around me. But there's not much to be done about it.    Life:  Not much new, I've been sleeping pretty poorly though. The powers been out for all day, so that's a thing. It's so cold in here, I hate it >_<.    Kin:  Since the powers out (I'm on a phone with data jsyk) we're using a bunch of candles for light. It's making me feel rather nostalgic/ homesick, as after the electricity eventually died after the uprising, we'd rely on candles for light.    Also, since we can't  use the fridge, I had my coffee without creamer in it. It reminded me of the time Sammy (before he turned out to suck) gave me some f his without telling me what it was. I ran away because I didn't like it CD     That's all for this week folks. Thanks for reading, see you around 



I forgot to blog last night

Oops. Sorry guys. I was distracted (had a panic attack, don't wanna talk about it)  Well, tonight is new years eve. I'm happy to say I kept my resolution. Survive to see it. Yay me...? Life stuff.  The computer is out of my throat now, and I can eat again! We don't have the results back yet though, which im hoping for soon. Not much else has happened this week to talk about, sadly, other than I still suck at Zelda.   Kin related. As with the normal life stuff, nothing really new has happened. My wings have been sore, but thats normal for me. Sorry I don't have anything interesting this week, perhaps next week. See you all then!



Sunday blog #2 (electric heckaloo)

Well guys I  survived another week. It's been a bit of a pain, but all in all I'm ok. I'd actually like to start this out by giving a shout out to my good friend  @LovelyBeast they've been a great friend of mine irl for four or so years now. Thanks for being an incredible soul, you frick.  And now the other stuff.   IRL Junk. . So, I've been in grand pain and discomfort for a few days. Why? Because im having a PH study done. So, thats why there's now a computer lodged In my throat. Im not wearing the exterior monitor anymore, which is nice. But the computer will stay for another few days. Its painful and hurts to eat. So I'm mostly surviving on soup (surprise, surprise).   In other, less important news, im struggling with Zelda. Again. You know I think Navi is trying to mess me up. Heck.   Kin Related.   I got to see Bendy again this week! (You see, when they put me asleep to put in the computer, they used anesthesia. It makes astral stuff easier. *shrugs*)  He's... unbelievable sweet honestly. Ehe... it's always nice to see him. <3 Its also how I know my height has not changed since I actually lived at the studio. (He's... like six foot tall, I only come up to his chest) Im a little sad im not spending this Christmas with him and the others, though that makes me feel kinda selfish... Ventish:  ...do I matter as much if im not technically canon? I wasn't even supposed to exist ... idk     Thats all for this week folks. Thanks for reading, merry Christmas, happy haunica (I can't spelllllll), fabulous, festivus, ...great... Kwanzaa? AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR    



Sunday blog #1

So, i've decided I'll start posting a blog on Sunday weekly, even if nothing that interesting has happened. So anyway, here are some ramblings.    Kin related: Got a few new memories this week. It's surprising I don't remember everything even with my astral visits. These things really do take time. As for what I remember, some is good, some is a bit sad. I now remember who officially named me (it was actually Miss Allison, I remember her being somewhat like a mother to me after Joey... kinda rejected me as his creation, given I was accidentally created as compared to the others) its funny how in this life I received her name as my own. Coincidentally? Probably. Another of my happy memories is the first time Bendy and I sang a song together. I had been, as I am now, painfully shy and it shows that I did (and still do) have so much trust in him. Its a thing to think about whenever I get sad or something. As for the sad memory, it basically involves the experiments Henry and Joey preformed. The experiments were what gave rise to the lost ones, I had remembered that for a while now. But only recently did I remember some of them were children. Its heartbreaking that they were subject to such cruel torment...   school: winter break is in a few days. Its kinda disappointing to me, as school gives me something to do. Going to school, however, feels rather surreal and makes me feel more out of place than usual. My friends are there, and thats nice, but sometimes interacting with them feels strange as well.   That's all for this week folks. Sorry it was a long one. Thanks for listening to my sleepy ramblings. Until next week!



Being Haunted? Help?

Well folks, this has been going on for a while and I figure I might as well post about it. So I think I'm being haunted. This all began a while ago, after I astrally reconnected with my home (I might talk about that later if you're interested). I think I've either weakened the boundaries and my old crew and I can have brief interactions on this plane of existence, or I've some how let a ghost into my house. The experiences I've had so far: Being poked Waking up to what feels like getting a back rub (ghost plz) Waking up to someone saying my name (not my human name, my kin name) Having someone run a finger down the base of my phantom wing (IT. TICKLED.) Being lightly hit in the leg Seeing a cloud of black smoke disperse And probably the weirdest of all, almost passing out suddenly, and having the world go black, my ears start ringing, and hearing a voice saying "Hey, come on. Can you hear me sweetie?"   So, what do you all think is going on? Is it a ghost? Something else?



Awake again (poem based of my awakening)

awake again I remember now, yet im unsure why What are these visions that in my head fly? All I did was play a game. Now nothing seems the same. What are these feelings when I think of you? I feel like it all was true. At night I dream we're side by side I can't tell you how many tears I cried Unable to make sense of all this To understand it was my one wish But one day my eyes opened up My memories, all soon and abrupt Was more than a game, but truly my home All hidden away like an ancient tome and I'll pursue it all to the end It feels great to be awake again


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