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A late night blog for the sleepless angels and such. 

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Did you know that today is Shrek's birthday?  Anyways, onto the actual blog. It's been raining/storming lately so that's been nice. I put up my fairy lights and I'm probably gonna light some incense for some nice vibes. I also got to open a few Christmas presents early and some notable stuff was some notebooks and a drawing a couple friends made for me, a scarf & gloves set, a fluffy blanket, and some sculpting clay. No super interesting kin related things have happened, but the storming and fairy light have been giving me some good kin vibes. I'm not going to get very into it, but not everything has been perfect.  Feel free to converse/question me on whatever.  I hope you've had/have wonderful holidays and that your new year is filled with blessings from above. 


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