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About this blog

Salutations, the mouth of a human speaks, but it can taste the life of another.

I often find myself musing over whether or not it would be worth just trotting off into my home unabashed and fleeing the wonders of society.

Living amongst my trees isn't so bad, they are family after all. I wonder if they would take me back, should I return to them?

I don't know, I wonder if some day I should find out... Maybe. Perhaps it is a yearning for what was, and not what can be.

Find yourself in your surroundings, and exist within what you need.

 ◆ Sunbie (He/Xey) ◆

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I find myself unmasking the edge The edge of the forest from beyond my self. And in myself I find a pool. And in that pool I find a Key. From whence did yonder this pool become from whence within did spawn the key? To what does the key unlock? To where does the pool lead? Leap and find out. And maybe within You will find your answer. ◆ {SUNBIE} ◆  


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