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About this blog

A personal blog which houses the daily interactions, thoughts and occurrences that happen between myself, my headmates and the world around us. Dream recalls will also be present. Zack and my other systemmates may at times post thoughts and experiences on here as well!

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[Daily Life #16 - April 10th, 2019] Still Questioning Things...

Still Questioning Things... [Daily Life #16 - April 10th, 2019] Content Warning:  None Comments: Closed With Detective Pikachu coming out soon and talking with my Bisharp soulbond there is still speculation that I might've lived a previous life in a pokémon world. Maybe not as the ideal pokémon trainer but I could've had pokémon in that assumed life. KnifeTheBisharp being one and maybe a Scrafty and a Charizard.

[Daily Life #15 - April 4th, 2019] Paranoia & Depression

Paranoia & Depression [Daily Life #15 - April 4th, 2019] Content Warning:  None Comments: Closed I'm utterly depressed and purged most of my submissions on Fur Affinity, outside from a handful of my writings and a few new drawings because of it. Being on Kinmunity has begun to deteriorate my mood as well; just like with any other forum I been on for too long. It's just the fact that seeing a bunch of people socialize drains my energy, even if I'm not participating in the

MariaTheFictionkin's System - Family

(I decided on getting rid of my old list and went onto reforge a new one. I still will keep the old list tucked away somewhere... But it was getting too convoluted having all these soulbonds that I hardly ever speak to being on the list. They are all still my soulbonds but I just want to focus on the ones that are the closest and who I speak to the most. Hopefully, I'll have more detailed descriptions for each of the ones below when I get around to it. My systemmates don't actually age...well, I

[Dream Journal Entry #14 - April 1st, 2019] Paranoia Is The Worst

Paranoia Is The Worst [Dream Journal Entry #14 - April 1st, 2019] Content Warning: None Comments: Closed (This is not an April Fools Joke >:C) I experienced a couple of terrible dreams last night. On involved Zack trying to get me to do something that we promised we'd do but my stupid dream self, being so absorbed in dumb human stuff, neglected him. It's as if this neglect has been going on for a while... Zack got fed up and began to go into tears and throw stuff arou

[Daily Life #14 - March 30th, 2019] I Wish I Could Move Out

I Wish I Could Move Out [Daily Life #14 - March 30th, 2019] Content Warning:  None Comments: Closed (Before anyone asks, no, I cannot move out and live by myself at this moment. I am 25 years old but financially and mentally I can't seek independence. It's one of the big goals I have right now in therapy.) I awoke snuggling close to Zack. I eventually sat up to play a bit of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch. Soon I made breakfast which was grits

[Dream Journal Entry #13 - Jan 31st, 2016] Merging Planes

Merging Planes [Dream Journal Entry #13 - Jan 31st, 2016] Content Warning: None Comments: Closed (Old Dream Journal Entry - Shadow The Hedgehog is ZackTheSerialKiller) I was in my old high school. I carried around a Shadow the Hedgehog plush doll and I can remember finding myself in my old science class room with my former teacher. There weren't that many people in the classroom but it was dark (the light was off and the projector was going) and it was spacious with plen

[Daily Life #13 - March 24th, 2019] I Miss It

I Miss It [Daily Life #13 - March 24th, 2019] Content Warning:  None Comments: Closed I finished watching the movie Us (loved it by the way) and it got me thinking about my relationship with Zack for some reason. Every so often I miss it when it was only him and I. Before being involved with others, meeting new soulbonds, getting into the kin community and acquiring new friends. I hardly socialized at all on the internet. Its sole purpose was to aid me to indulge in the thing

[Daily Life #12 - March 14th, 2019] Sleepy

Sleepy [Daily Life #12 - March 14th, 2019] Content Warning:  None Comments: Closed I haven't made a journal post in a few days. I can't remember any dreams. I was a little paranoid being on the site for a bit for personal reasons and wanted to leave but retracted that idea. I gained a new friend who offered to be that someone who relates to Zack since I can't physically be with him right now. "But Rachel, I thought you said you were uncomfortable with people who offered

[Daily Life #11 - March 10th, 2019] I Finally Sent That Email

I Finally Sent That Email [Daily Life #11 - March 10th, 2019] Content Warning:  Mention of Traumatic Thoughts Comments: Closed (I finally released that email to the doctor. It was 6 AM and I just fixed up what I had previously to get it sent. Because I know if I didn't do it now then I would never have, and this is crucial to me. I'm a little bit anticipated by what I would get back in response but I'm glad I got it done. Because therapy is supposed to be supporting me. I sho

[Daily Life #10 - March 9th, 2019] Cute Bonding

Cute Bonding [Daily Life #10 - March 9th, 2019] Content Warning:  None Comments: Closed I went to go pick up a higher dosage of my medication yesterday while grabbing some pot stickers to have for dinner. Zack was with me. After bypassing some girl twerking on the sidewalk, we entered the supermarket. We could smell subs being made at the subway section which had Zack sniffing the air as he normally would do if he smelled something good. He didn't use my body to do it though,

[Daily Life #9 - March 6th, 2019] She Made Rachel Cry

She Made Rachel Cry [Daily Life #9 - March 6th, 2019] Content Warning:  Some mention of trauma, anxiety, slight mention of wanting to end self. Comments: Open (Zack's POV) Zack: "Oh so, about today. Rachel was already not feeling too great about going to her psych testing appointment this morning. She was exhausted from being out in public; last week at social services and at her normal therapy session the day before yesterday. However, she went. The cab drive there and

[Daily Life #8 - March 4th, 2019] Sun is down, freezin' cold...

Sun is down, freezin' cold... [Daily Life #8 - March 4th, 2019] Content Warning:  None Comments: Closed (My power was out for the night yesterday thus there was no heat to warm up my super cold room. I was bundled in my covers continuing with my play-through of Pokémon Platinum on the 2DS as SobbleTheChameleon and wrapped his astral arms around me) Sobble: (wraps his arms around her) "Mmm...You're so warm..." Rachel: "Ummm....Ummm umuumum." Sobble: "Just let me

[Dream Journal Entry #12 - Dec 29th, 2018] Body Possession

Body Possession [Dream Journal Entry #12 - Dec 29th, 2018] Content Warning: Bullying mention Comments: Closed (For this copy/paste from my original submission on Fur Affinity, I took out most of the swearing and violent scenes for your pleasure.) All I can remember was that I was getting initiated into prison, and my mother could care less about it. I was at some warehouse type of place with wood shaving dusted floors and workbenches. It reminded me of wood working class

[Dream Journal Entry #11 - Jan 1st, 2019] "We'll Get Married Soon Enough"

"We'll Get Married Soon Enough" [Dream Journal Entry #11 - Jan 1st, 2019] Content Warning:  None Comments: Closed (the excerpt is part of a larger retelling of the dream I had. However, most of it had to be cut out because of its excessive gore and violence content. The full dream can be found on my Fur Affinity under the title: I Am God) He grabbed my hand as we rushed down the parking lot and through a door as security came after us. We entered at what appeared to be a

[Daily Life #7 - March 1st, 2019] Social Services is a Scary Place

Social Services is a Scary Place [Daily Life #7 - March 1st, 2019] Content Warning:  Trauma mention? I guess. Comments: Closed (I'm too lazy to actually explain everything that went on during my trip to Social Services yesterday. So, I just have a conversation with one of my sons) Rachel: "You guys got to have bad things going on with you...You just act so nice around me...I don't know...You don't have to keep being positive around me if things are going on." Colton

[Dream Journal Entry #10 - Feb 27th, 2019] "Do you know who I am?"

"Do you know who I am?" [Dream Journal Entry #10 - Feb 27th, 2019] Content Warning:  None Comments: Closed (I don't even know how to describe this dream, so I'll just put what I can remember happening) Zack was in a unisex bathroom with stalls as a female individual saw him. She said some taunting stuff (I can't remember what) so Zack attempted to combat her words with his. Zack: "Do you know who I am? And what I can do? I'm ZackTheSerialKiller! You know...Zack...Is

[Dream Journal Entry #9 - Feb 25th, 2019] Behind His Smile is a Tearful Man

Behind His Smile is a Tearful Man [Dream Journal Entry #9 - Feb 25th, 2019] Content Warning:  Mild Violence, Apocalyptic/Post-Apocalyptic (think of it like Thanos) Comments: Closed (Pro Tip: Don't try to give someone who is choking water.) I can remember being at a supermarket, like Walmart, and a heavy set woman had fallen over and began gasping for air. I wanted to help, so I grabbed one of the cups from an aisle and filled it up at a water fountain. But not before I s

[Daily Life #6 - Feb 23rd, 2019] Zack Emitting the Sense of Fear

Zack Emitting the Sense of Fear [Daily Life #6 - Feb 23rd, 2019] Content Warning:  Creepy (lol) Comments: Closed Well, I had a bizarre dream. Or maybe it would be like a nightmare. It was about someone on Fur Affinity submitted something about me posting gross stuff in the Angels of Death tag. Blah blah blah like all the other bad dreams I have. After that, I woke up... but...something felt off. I was numb, limited of breath, shivering as if...I was frightened. Nothing seemed

 [Dream Journal Entry #8 - Feb 20th, 2019] Escaping

Escaping  [Dream Journal Entry #8 - Feb 20th, 2019] Content Warning:  N/A Comments: Closed I remember trying to escape from King K. Rool. There was a toilet and I jumped into it, lading inside of a room with different spiraling images. It was like a long corridor of tissue papers projecting a swirl of colors and imagines of animals, buildings and people on them. Rool was running after me, trying to grab a hold and any part of my being as I pushed through the flimsy, giant pie

[World Building] Slime Rancher AU

(WIP) (I'm just dumping the contents from my txt. document about my Slime Rancher OCs' world. I'll overtime clean this up and work more on it.)   (Far, Far Range) | Table of Contents | Overview Diet Pain Reproduction Waste Scent Flavor Fusion Slime Science 7Zee Corporation Slime Culture [Overview] The following is of an alternate version of the universe based on the canonical video ga

[Daily Life #5 - Feb 19st, 2019] Faint Kin Memories

Faint Kin Memories [Daily Life #5 - Feb 19st, 2019] Content Warning:  None Comments: Closed There was an instance where I experienced kin memories today. I was on my way to my psychiatry appointment to go over medication and other related stuff. I took an uber and I could remember sitting in the back, gazing out the window and for some reason, I had memories of being in the back of a police car. I could not truly decipher as to why. Was I being arrested? Arrested for accompan

[Daily Life #4 - Sep 13st, 2018] I Worry

I Worry [Daily Life #4 - Sep 13st, 2018] Content Warning:  Angst Comments: Closed (More Old Stuff) It was past 1:00 AM and I was watching things on the computer in the dark with Zack towering me from behind with his eyes fixated on my body. I knew he was looking at me but I didn't acknowledge him since well...There wasn't anything to say to him. I eventually began to rub my eyes since I felt something in them. Soon, I got up and headed to the bathroom and while open

[Daily Life #3 - Jan 31st, 2019] Leaving The Body + Angry Mew Mew

Leaving The Body + Angry Mew Mew [Daily Life #3 - Jan 31st, 2019] Content Warning:  Angry Cat & Dissociating  Comments: Closed (This is old news but I thought it would be good to share anyways. I originally had egodeath and egocide in this write up but I've changed it to dissociating because that is more than likely the better term to describe my experience.. What I experienced was maybe more on the line of dissociating. I was very upset and ended up fading to the back as

[Dream Journal Entry #7 - Jan 24th, 2016] I Gave My Soul To Zack

I Gave My Soul To Zack [Dream Journal Entry #7 - Jan 24th, 2016] Content Warning:  Weird Stuff, Agony/Pain Comments: Closed (An old dream from my old journal on the website Dream Views. Some parts had to be cut due to extreme depictions of gore.) This took place in a kind of labyrinth of a facility, quite like a college. There were various representations of video game characters roaming around freely doing their own things and such. The one franchise I can remember reco

[Daily Life #2 - Feb 14th, 2019] Invisible Disabilities Neglect

Invisible Disabilities Neglect [Daily Life #2 - Feb 14th, 2019] Content Warning:  Venting Comments: Open (This post really has nothing to do with being kin or having headmates. It's just a general life situation about being in a society whilst having a mental disability. So I didn't post it in Psychology Point.) My care manager called me today to get my full social security number to be able to finish setting up the appointment phone call with SNAP (Supplemental Nutritio
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