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About this blog

Can you tell I'm fond of alliteration? Well, as the title says, this blog will be full of "Wonder, Whining, and Whim". Wonder, meaning a) fascination or b) curiosity, whining meaning complaints about my life so far, and Whim, as in my name or the fact that I made this blog on a whim. 

Entries in this blog


"Wig"ging Out

Well, life's been okay. Not great, not awful. I don't really have much to report, but I want to try to write a blog every few days or so. I'm thinking about telling my counselor about me being fictionkin. From what I know about her I can guess that she probably doesn't know what it is. I'll have to explain what it is, then I'll give her a little more information on my fictotypes and my beliefs about it and such. The only thing holding me back is that I'm nervous about how she'll react. If a



"Mask"ing How I Feel

The title's a play on words, you see. It's simultaneously literal and figurative in this case. In the literal sense, I'm talking about some mental illness stuff. So yeah, I guess this is starting off with some venting. Spoiler alert: It ends on a positive note, though. I'm diagnosed with depression and GAD. For awhile, it seemed like my anxiety was getting better. I was having less panic and anxiety attacks, and even when I was getting anxious, I was learning how to regain control. Panic or


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