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About this blog

NOTE(s): Not all art will be posted here- I'd recommend you got to my DA or tumblr for more. Only things that correlate with the blog topic will be here. 

'Here be Zhuards!' A changeling like entity. I will post a '101' about them as a first post 

Not everything will be posted on here to the length it is on the essay I am writing about them.. If you have a specific question, pm me or go to my AMA here

Entries in this blog


Walking the walk

With a few tweaks and some time to actually finalize everything, I have decided to bring my zhuard self to life- Allen- even if at the slowest of gaits. A lot of patience is needed with these things. I will post it elsewhere but for now I figure why not here first..this is after all a personal project in a way. I don't often draw Allen, as I might have said in the past. Not for any real reason- there's a lot of others I haven't gotten around to but hopefully will soon. The expression of the walk


A preview of zhuard vocalization

A preview of zhuard vocalization

Yeah I've been a little wary at posting this at first and in general. These up and coming dinosaur games don't know how to act and like to rip sounds right from obvious sources without changing them.../..BUT there is a bit of curiosity around how zhuards sound like. This is just a preview-- I have more files but I'd like to listen to and tweak them depending on how I feel about them. Most are correct. I will continue making these- just another way to bring my one of my kin species to life.  The



Zhus 101

What is a Zhuard? (taken from the FAQ on my tumblr blog) In brief, zhuards are a semi-polymorphic entity that is able to change its form in given circumstances or situations. They were created by a higher being that implemented such an ability for (possibly**) militant reasons a long time ago. Zhuards have base forms (Pharaoh, terrestrial, Ka'nar) in which they can fluidly move to and change their appearance. However learning to change into something outside of those base forms can tak


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