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About this blog

    This blog will be mostly short stories, poems, and riddles (maybe) that I have written.  I love to write, so I decide to start a blog. 🙂

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Otherkin Volg 3

Otherkin Volg 3   I had just realized I haven't done this in a while... But having parents that do not support me in almost anything, sucks.... I try to be nice, I try to be a good child....  But I just suck....  if I were them, I would have sold me to a orphanage already. my parents found out about kinmunity....  it did not end well.  I do not like talking about it, unless its with someone privately...  But I will say, that I hate them.  They are stressful.. and a pain in th



My bullying stories.

My bullying stories.   I have always been bullied. I do not understand why.  I am kind, patent, loyal, and have been told that I am a great friend.  But people still bully me.  My parents and close friends have told me that people do this too me because they are jealous.  I do not understand that either… I am not one who, I, would think people would get jealous over.  I do not have the best home life, I am not pretty, and I was emotional… So why would people get jealous of me?  



Otherkin Vlog 2

Otherkin Vlog 2     Cleo – FoxChi     May 13, 2019 – 6:12 Today wasn’t anything to special.  I went to school with a new tail I made myself.  I wore a sweat over it though….  People at my school are very critical, and would probably call me a furry.  Nothing against furries! I am just not one. It was really nice to be able to physically feel my tail.  I felt, I don’t know how to explain it, but I felt just nice, I guess.  It was rea



Otherkin Writing Volg 1

Otherkin Writing Volg      May 12, 2019 – 5:56 PM       Cleo – FoxChi       Today, I was filled with many shifts.  From mental to phantom.  It was probably the worst day for it.  It is Mother’s Day, and we went for a drive through the woods.  Aho, you don’t know how bad I wanted to go into the forest and just run!   I wanted to leave this human body so bad!    Recently my mother told me that I was not allowed to wear a tail! And i



Things I Love and Do - Explained

Things I Love and Do - Explained I have many favorite things, and reasons behind them.  Like how much I love foxes and wolfs, or why I listen to music 24/7.  I feel it may be interesting for some people, so I am going to write about it. J Let’s get started   Foxes – I am not too sure why this is.  I just have always had a soft spot for them. It maybe that when I was a baby, my mother gave me a stuffed animal fox, I called her Foxy, and I would take her around with



Being accused of stealing

Being Accused of Stealing   ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   Disclaimer-I am not sending hate to my mother, I am just telling what happened, as I remember.  And if you for some reason know my mother and me, don’t go saying telling her all of this! We are cool now, I just needed


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