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My random rambles, thoughts, dreams, and life overall.

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Studies Of An Animal: Episode 3

It seems I never did continue to tell you about my kin studies did I. Hm. Anyways, that doesn't matter because I wanna tell ya'll something. Anyways, if you are a person that reads bios, like I love to, you might have noticed I no longer have set kin types and such listed. Instead everything is being questioned. This is something I have been thinking of doing for a while, but I finally talked it over with my friends on therian amino, you know them, and they are gonna help out with it. I kinda go



A Peice of Ginger Episode 3: Plurality Part 3

Hey guys, sorry for such a long haitus, my mom put parental locks which prevented me from getting on. Im on computer rn tho soo... Last time we left off with... ah, right! So, I talked to Drac about Plurality and she said she's heard of it before. Im not sure if thats cause I read about it and she saw or what, but hey. Its been a nightly topic for our cafe talks. And she introduced me to her friend! I forgot her name but she looks like shes from monster high too. Ive never really seen them



A Piece Of Ginger Episode 2: Plurality Part 2

Just wanted to say thanks for this tip, @Fjordess! And out to you too @Addy! Both of ya'll are big help in this process, cause I literally didn't know anyone really read my blog lol. So back to the convo, now containing correct information from then two lovely friends in the comments of the last episode. I decided to have a little chat with Drac 2 days ago (note, this was before I saw the comment above) and you can see how that convo went in my status updates hehe. Once she wakes up (s



Vampire Talk: Episode 1

Hey guys, so me and Drac are doing something a bit different today! I'm gonna let her talk for a bit cause I don't know what to write about for now XD. All of her words will be seen in the color below. SO, without further adu, Draculara! I've told her to stop with the dramatic entrances, she won't listen. Hi everyone, i'm Draculara, and today I just wanted to introduce myself! So, for starters, here is a picture of me: As you can see, I absolutly love pink! My whole wardrobe is pi



A Peice of Ginger Episode 1: Plurality Part 1

Yes, I am starting a series! I like when other blogs are set up this way, so I decided, why not try it on my own! Some titles on other blogs may change to fit the new style. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So I tried to explore some other boards today. I only ended up visiting one fully and that one has got me questioning and confused on so many levels. I started with the Plural Panel and let me just ask, is it related to Otherkinity or not? The long definition I found on this site



Wrestling and Me: Episode 2

Day two of wrestling today. It didn't go as bad as yesterday, although i'm still in the same amount of pain. We didn't do 100 runs, but instead ran around in a circle for half an hpir passing a ball. If you dropped it, you had to do one of these wrestling defense moves or 3 push ups. I hated the move cause I can't do it. So we started class and we were practicing under holds. I completely failed at that, but I don't feel bad cause my partner was even worse XP. Lemme stop talking about



Wrestling and Me: Episode 3

Oof day three was yesterday but I forgot to post about it. Practicing seems to hurt less everyday. I still feel it in the morning though hehe (I actually need to get my leg checked out, my knee keeps giving out while i'm walking). We didn't do much, just the usual. I practices some pounces on my sisters leg while doing a move and it seemed to work. My human body doesn't like doing it tho hehe (well you can go burn in hell, i'm gonna pounce!). We had to run again but this time without t



Awooo For Family

I almost had a full blown shift in school not to long ago. So basically, my History class is watching Underground. Its a movie about a planned slavery run. We just finished part 1 today. So there is this slave hunter in the movie. He tricks slaves to think he is kind then takes them back after months to get more money. Only problem is, he doesn't spend time with his son. His own slave tells him that not spending time with his father can change his son. So right before the hunter h



Wrestling and Me: Episode 1

I tried wrestling today Such a bad idea. I stayed slightly in a shift the whole time. One time another girl I was wrestling accidentally landed on my tail and such a shock went through my body I had to let her win. It didn't hurt, just a minor shock. Still felt weird though. I'm gonna stay for the week and hopefully not get damaged in the process. This is my dad's idea to teach me how to fight. He had better luck at boxing (*sigh*). I like the feeling of being shifted at a lower level



Studies Of An Animal: Episode 2

Found the species of the wing cameo i've been havimg a little over a month now. Now I womder if its a cameo. A feathered wyvern? I don't even know what it is, even though i've been reading a site on them for the past night. Nothing really stands out to me so far. Then again, I have been reading about the male wyvern. Maybe ill seach up some pictures of female feathered wyverns and see how that goes. From what i've seen from the males so far though is that they are big dumb lumps with a



Studies Of An Animal: Episode 1

I don't even know how this happened. I randomly happened to think of this while drawing a picture. Lets start from the beginning shall we? I have always been in love with the Vampire community as much as the therian community, but it was through the Vampire community I discovered the therian community. The time I met a Vampirekin is what makes me believe this could be possible. I think my fictionkin type is Yuki Cross from Vampire Knight. Some people have already seen this show, b


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