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A collection of ramblings, insights, questions, and mysteries from the depths.

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The Others: The Supernal Beasts

The Others: The Supernal Beasts

So, time to continue my work in cataloging the myriad races and beings that exist within my novel's world! I was probably going to do the Supernal Beasts next, but @Amber since you seemed interested I was definitely inspired to chug this out, and work on forming the core of their functions. (And yes the Supernal Beasts were partly based upon bits and pieces of Otherkin nature and Therian nature but I didn't want to make it on the nose, instead creating unique, new ways to portray these bein
The Others: Enlightened Artists

The Others: Enlightened Artists

I figured since I'm writing a YA urban fantasy novel, it would be interesting to see what y'all think about the races (or Paranatural Templates) I've created (or adapted) for my works. I am a fan of certain tropes, which unfortunately aren't as popular as I would like, so some of them might be more noticeable than others. I was originally going to put them all in one blog entry, but as I was writing just the Enlightened Artists, it would end up far too long for anyone to read. So! I decided to s
RANT: Why Is Disbelieving Treated As Unenlightenment?

RANT: Why Is Disbelieving Treated As Unenlightenment?

If you can't handle people judging others, or disbelieving others, then you shouldn't read the following. ------------- I spent a long time thinking about how to word this thread, it's been a while coming, and I literally just spent 30 minutes staring at a blank text input thinking up how to word this so I don't seem like a jackass, but then that very thought became the catalyst for what I was feeling. If you don't automatically believe everything everyone else says, you're sudden

Drowning In The Seas of My Sorrow

Just a warning, this is a really personal entry, and is very long, and deals with emotional abuse, severe depression, and mental illness. Read at your own warning. ------------- Lately I have been dealing with a soul-deep emptiness that has been rising up from the depths of my sorrow. Before now I had been thinking it was just due to my unemployment, and lack of ability to care for the one I love, but a lot of introspection (As well as massive mood plummets) I've determined that i

"Princess Of The Burning Roses" Prologue Of the YA Novel I'm Working On

I'm an aspiring novelist, and I figure it would be best to start with a YA novel. If I can get popular with a YA novel, I could make a lot more money, and write much more steadily. ------------- I wanna feel human again. I don’t want this power anymore. The pain is too much now. I can barely remember what it was like to be normal anymore.   Normal. Only a short time ago I hated being normal. I hated the boring life I had been living, and now I would give so much to go ba

The Dark City

I've mentioned before that my Truth haunts me. Not like a ghost, but images of it are always in my mind, and sometimes they become too much for me to ignore. That's how I know what it looks like from a third person point of view. But, sometimes I can see what I've dubbed The Dark City.  It's a city that exists where the material meets information and thought. The realm of data, dreams, and stories. Electronic magicks, digital souls, fully alive machinery, techno fae, information demons


One of my greatest hobbies has always been storytelling. But I'll be completely honest, something changed me around the age of 8. I was in 4th grade, and I'll be completely honest. I wasn't the smartest child around then. I barely had the reading comprehension of a 2nd grader, I couldn't come up with unique ideas to save my life, and I wasn't very good at learning new things. But I remember that at a unspecified moment near my birthday, my mother had gone to Borders to get me a present, bec

Astral Sphere?

Disclaimer: All information discussed is based on my own readings, and current understandings. Therefore differences in opinions, or deviation from original sources may occur. Should anyone have further reading on a topic, please do inform me. -------------  So, in a lot of my readings I've seen people talk about the astral. Astral planes, astral sphere, astral projection, astral etc. For the longest time, I believed in it fully. Spirit energy after would have its own circulation
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