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A collection of ramblings, insights, questions, and mysteries from the depths.

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The Return Of The Knight 2: Electric Boogaloo

So if anyone has been observing, though I haven't posted on this site in a good month or two, I have not been actually away. As I used to do, I've been lurking, watching, inferring, and waiting. And though I was tempted to simply just leave, I made a decision, and one that I gave a great deal of though at that. I am not going to be bullied away simply because I don't subscribe to the party line.  How I was treated was bullying, plain and simple, and though I am mature enough to si


RANT: Why Is Disbelieving Treated As Unenlightenment?

RANT: Why Is Disbelieving Treated As Unenlightenment?

If you can't handle people judging others, or disbelieving others, then you shouldn't read the following. ------------- I spent a long time thinking about how to word this thread, it's been a while coming, and I literally just spent 30 minutes staring at a blank text input thinking up how to word this so I don't seem like a jackass, but then that very thought became the catalyst for what I was feeling. If you don't automatically believe everything everyone else says, you're sudden

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