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About this blog

A blog focusing on System Lilac

System lilac is a system of non-traumagenic origin, with individuals of spiritual and unknown origins. Kjell, the fjord horse, is the only recognized system-mate of spiritual origin, a soulbond and believed parallel life. Tamaki Amajiki, K1-b0, and Bunny are of unknown origin. Tamaki and K1-b0 are fictives, but do not feel completely aligned or connected to thier canon, and do not (yet) have any memories outside of the hosting body. Pony is the host of the system and majorly primary fronter. 

Entries in this blog

Lilac Love - Shoutout and Welcome Back to K1-b0

Lilac Love - Shoutout and Welcome Back to K1-b0

Shoutout and welcome back to K1-b0! He was absent for about three weeks, and I was concerned he had left the system completely, but today he reappeared. Him coming back was slow, gradual, and I doubted he would make it past his quiet co-conscious state, but to my pleasant surprise, he came closer and closer until he took front. I am so proud of K1-b0 for returning, for despite my skepticism of his mere existence while he was away and while we were co-con, he was able to regain confidence an


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