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About this blog

I don't feel that I can add much to this board yet, I largely lack the personal experience (and not rarely time) for that, but I keep having an interest in it and the topics commonly discussed.

Self-finding has been huge for me for a couple months now, the thought of keeping some sort of journal was appealing before but it comes with the downside of being isolated. Isolation has often brought more damage than good, though it's something I naturally gravitate towards. Not least because of an attempt to move away from this, the blog function was interesting because it offers a way to not clog up the forums with unnecessary threads and still leaves room for transparency when it comes to my own musings.

I deliberately chose the term "apocryphal" due to my own fallibility and the inability to be continuously truthful to myself and at times, others. I'm always striving to be, but the opposite is an inevitability. 

Entries in this blog


Escaping Tartarus

Alrighty, well, it’s been a while since I made my last post and I think I’ve got plenty of things to talk about, since plenty of things happened in the recent days. It’s mostly psychology though with some things left out, because otherwise I wouldn’t get done writing this in days. Obviously this is pretty personal and as you can see, long. After posting the last entry, I’ve been struck with anxiety. It’s one of those occasions where you post something, and all you can do is to put that palm o




Okay, so I've created this blog to keep some sort of journal of my self-discovering journey, but I think I've been far too obsessed with the matter in the first place, to the point of stagnation or at least, very limited progress. I've read many times that such an obsession doesn't typically bode well, and I knew this, but I'd like to distinguish between knowing and realizing. Knowing is to understand, recognize and recall information, realizing is to be enlightened of the fundamental truth of t


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