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About this blog

A random blog by me, a therian, artist, and furry. 

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My Fursonas

Platinum Pronouns: he/him Gender: male Species: catnine (catlike canine hybrid) Status: main sona (formerly), status to-be-determined Dexter Pronouns: he/him gender: malw species: lynx status: background/extra Spook pronouns: he/him gender: male species: dog status: background/extra Peanut Pronouns: he/him Gender: none species: Dutch angel dragon status: main  



I'm a part of the furry fandom!

Hi! Welcome to my blog! I have recently decided to consider myself a part of the furry fandom, as I love drawing other species and art, writing, etc.  I will hopefully be going to a con this summer (CanFurence) and I hope to meet other therians and furries there!   


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