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About this blog

This is a blog for me to just ramble on about stuff, like I usually do! 

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My host is sad because he has a crush on his friend, but she doesn't feel the same. Not sure how to console him. 




We finally finished our 3D diamond painting thingy! It only took five days, though the majority of it was just done within the last few hours. Host said it would be a good thing to keep me occupied and take my mind off of being lonely, but I kind of... did the whole thing. Well, it's done now, anyway~ OFF TO NEW ADVENTURES




I see a lot of terms around this place, and others, and they kind of confuse me. I don't know what most stuff means, like tulpa, soulbond, etc. but I'm a little too afraid to ask. Usually I would just ask Xayah about stuff, but she's not here. She's the smart one! I'm so lost without her. I wonder when she'll be back... At least I have my host to keep me hopeful until she returns!


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