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About this blog

A place where I explain my pterolycus identity,  and share experiences related to it. 

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Not an earthly wolf?

I have known that I am not an earthly wolf for quite some time and will try to explain what makes me different below.  I have tried on the identity wolf in the past, and there was a  slight disconnection/foreign feeling. Pterolycus/winged wolf feels more correct, as the phantom wings are definitely integrated into this identity.  My wing shifts do not feel cameo at all and are quite frequent and strong. I also feel like I should be able to fly, or at least glide, despite never being able to



Theories behind my Identity

I have a rather strange way of explaining why I am who I am, and why I experience this life the way I do. It is a mix of both spiritual and psychological reasons. I believe that souls do not take any particular shape - they are simply balls of energy, able to have any form. That being said, I do not believe my soul, in itself, to be the cause of my alterhumanity. I think my identity to be caused by brain wiring, but there is also a more spiritual "twist" to it. I was born this way for a r



What exactly is a pterolycus?

To put it simply,  a pterolycus is a winged wolf, though they go by several names,  including  pterolykos and flying wolves.   All of these names account to the same or a similar creature.  However, information on them is very limited. I have done the best I can to collect and study any information on them I can find,  which I will be sharing here.    I have always wondered why there are so many animals in mythology from lions and tigers, to reptiles to fish, that are winged. Yet, one of th


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