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Layers (Dream about our system)

So today we celebrated Yule (a day early as it actually falls on the 22nd here in the UK but yeah) and I was up early, excited to start the day. I ended up super tired about 1pm and had a nap, intending to only have an hour but I slept through my multiple alarms and woke up over 3 hours later. I had a very weird dream which was super fragmented but I wanted to write about what I remembered at least.  Angela (one of my headmates) was fronting but something felt very wrong. It's as if the ori



Full Moon Energy

Tonight I wasn't able to sleep, which isn't that unusual. However, the last two nights I have been awake most of the night with too much energy, wanting to express myself in one way or another. I am a creative so what do I do? Write? Artwork? Even Minecraft? Nothing is working. Somehow, I didn't realise that the 12th December was the last full moon of this decade and so the energy is intense.  I always get powerful energy from each full moon, it is like nothing I can describe though I'm sur


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