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I'm very tired today. And very elated. Today, I get on the plane for Maryland to go see Heilung tomorrow evening. Video for reference lol. My fiancee is absolutely mad with excitement. We are going with two of our most beloved friends and neighbors and will be meeting other beloved friends once up there. I'm looking forward to it in a... detached kinda way. It's just too big to pre-think it, I can't Be There until I'm There.



First blogpost!

It feels like it's been forever since the last time I made a blog post on Kinmunity! Though I have to admit that so much has changed... im a little glad I don't have to clean up what I've written before. I have a job that I love! I have begun to crochet! I am an elf! There's so much more socializing and artmaking in my life. I think I'll comment some images of my crochet work onto this blog post next week. My life is still mostly offline... I am only certain to be around on Tuesdays


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