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Thoughts and experiences of a person questioning being otherkin

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Did the lightbulb just turn on?

(All right, I needed to scratch this post multiple times, because while writing it I had multiple Ideas and- dare I say revelations (?) about a few things. And I have to add some trigger warnings her, I guess, for mentions of anxiety and parental abuse... even if I didn't wanted to talk about this just yet here in my third blogpost? But It came up in my musings.) Discussing or just reading comments here made pointed me to a obvious but kind of unexpected question I never quite asked myse



I want to be a Dragon.

I really really want to be a dragon. As my kin type, I mean.  I am Obsessed with Dragons, ever since I was eight years old. I don't know what caused it. In my personal library exist four sections: Dragons, Nonfiction, and three or four crime and sifi- novels. I love all kind of media with Dragons, but back then there was this amazing kids show (ever heard of Tabaluga?). I sometimes but not exclusively drew dragons, bc they never looked like I wanted them to. I wrote my first story with a



Not Human? Not really

Species dysphoria and all this feels like such an overused topic to give my opinion to, but it's important to me. Because its part of why I take so  long to decide if I even am or will call myself otherkin. Everybody here knows the definition of otherkin -which is to identify as something else than human. Well, I feel human. I would actually say, I am Human. I go on in my daily human life  and I will not change this. But sometimes, on rare occasions just like now, I yearn for being somethi




I'm very new with that whole forum stuff and just need to figure out how everything works. I'm still questioning myself to be kin with a dragon or other lizard-like creature, and I want to use this blog to write down and ramble in detail about experiences. I have the feeling otherwise I would flood the forum threads. A bit like an open journal so to speak, which everybody can comment. My first language is German, but I will write this in English, so perhaps more people can read it? And if ther


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