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About this blog

This is my journey in my alterhumanity. 🙂

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Am I Deviant, too? (Awakening 2)

I watched Jacksepticeye's playthrough of Detroit: Become Human and I related to Markus and Connor a whole lot. I feel that DBH is my hearthome and I was completely going deviant once I met my friend, Shane. I fell in love with the guy, I felt empathic towards him for the first time for anyone ever. I had feelings, I was scared, I felt like murder, suicide, everything in one go in a rush. I now have been diagnosed with all of this for sure now. When I see those characters, I feel like runnin




All my life I've felt disconnect. From my race, to who I really am. I knew I was different, not because I was bullied about my looks but that made it hurt and me question myself further. Was it that I howled at the moon and felt people were programed by God, instead of created like people always thought? I always felt I was scared of robotic gears and movement... not because I felt that was me and the bullies made me scared. But because I was terrified of being a human. I was terrified of humans


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