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A Shaky Start... and Night


So, this was interesting yesterday, even if it does still leave me shaken, and I plan to continue this discussion with him.

... I thought my first blog post would be a re-introduction, perhaps not...


A colleague at work is interested in this sort of thing, having an alternate life himself, so we got talking. I got talking about my experiences, and he listens rather intently, fascinated.

Then, out of the blue, in dead seriousness he asks me-

“Did you jump off a building?”

And I froze. And went uncomfortably clammy. I was defensive, repeatedly saying that “I won’t go back there”. Thing is, I have no recollection of that, and I strongly believe this is an entirely separate incident, or at least a very similar identity to mine now.

I’ve never liked heights, when looking down from buildings always feeling like something will go wrong, like I will just jump - never been in real danger of that though.

It kept me up at night, like there was something there, something I was missing but so close to... scarily and upsettingly close to. It never came to the surface that night. Maybe it will...

I’m curious to see where this goes.


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