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Enough questioning

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It's been over a year, may as well just accept it already. Hi, I'm also an Amur leopard for some reason.

The fact that that doesn't sound weird or wrong to me is answer enough, honestly. I have no idea how long I was planning to sit on this and "question" it - the feeling hasn't lessened at all, not once. It's not changed in the slightest. The feline feelings and impulses haven't went away, even though this has been the absolute furthest thing from my mind. There's no feelings I'd associate with heartedness; I don't feel any particular affection for leopards, and cats as a whole have never been a significant part of my life. It's too long-lasting and too deeply ingrained to be a cameo (I've been having these things for as long as I've had wolf shifts/feelings, which means... five or six years? More?).

So. Guess that makes three kintypes. Here's to not having any more, hopefully, please!

Which of course doesn't mean the journey's over. All it means is that the question has changed from "Am I a bloody leopard?" to "Why the fuck am I a leopard and what does this even mean?"

Welp, it feels good to just accept it. Took me long enough!

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I've been following you since I came back (lol I was gone what, a week?) because you sound like me. Except I'm still like "I dunno???" In my case, it's four kintypes I'm really questioning. I'm thinking right now there are four consistent possibilities and the rest are my NUMEROUS cameo shifts. Four or three, depending on if I figure the two similar ones are actually the same thing.

These would be double-crested cormorant and anhinga (the original two, and extremely similar to the point I suspect I may be just one) but now with what I'm thinking is grizzly bear and a type of non-avian dinosaur not yet specified. LOL that makes it sound like I'm getting diagnosed with a mental disorder. NAD-NOS. Well, I suppose we're all crazy here. But these additions are based on all the signs I've had for years but frankly ignored due to only wanting to have one possible identity. I was reluctant enough to add the anhinga to my list of possibilities.

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