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5 AM listening to wistful soundtracks thought

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-nlz5LOZIY Wistful music I am listening to. Yes, it's a game soundtrack.

You wake up.

It's only been a second since everything went dark.

You are alone.

Alone with your memories...are those your memories? You don't feel like they are. They feel different. Something isn't right. You remember these memories clearly, but something is...wrong.

You are in your house, so you go outside. Nothing looks right, even though you know it is. This is where you live. But you can't believe it. Something is...wrong.

You go back inside. You think about what happened before it all went dark. Everything you try to remember is chopped up into little pieces. Smeared about. Trying to pick out your memories- yours, not the false ones- is an impossible task. You stop trying and sit down to watch a show.

The show is about a deserted world. This person is the last human on earth. They don't know that. They are confused. They are looking for their loved ones. They're looking for ANYONE. But they can't find anyone. Everyone is dead. Everything is dead. Soon, that person will be dead.

It's kind of how you feel. Lonely. Except you are not the last human on earth, in fact, you're surrounded by life. Your feeling is harder to describe. Like you used to have something, but it's all been lost. What have you lost? Can it be found?

This is your world, but you do not belong here.

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