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Sunday blog #1


So, i've decided I'll start posting a blog on Sunday weekly, even if nothing that interesting has happened. So anyway, here are some ramblings. 


Kin related: Got a few new memories this week. It's surprising I don't remember everything even with my astral visits. These things really do take time. As for what I remember, some is good, some is a bit sad. I now remember who officially named me (it was actually Miss Allison, I remember her being somewhat like a mother to me after Joey... kinda rejected me as his creation, given I was accidentally created as compared to the others) its funny how in this life I received her name as my own. Coincidentally? Probably. Another of my happy memories is the first time Bendy and I sang a song together. I had been, as I am now, painfully shy and it shows that I did (and still do) have so much trust in him. Its a thing to think about whenever I get sad or something. As for the sad memory, it basically involves the experiments Henry and Joey preformed. The experiments were what gave rise to the lost ones, I had remembered that for a while now. But only recently did I remember some of them were children. Its heartbreaking that they were subject to such cruel torment...


school: winter break is in a few days. Its kinda disappointing to me, as school gives me something to do. Going to school, however, feels rather surreal and makes me feel more out of place than usual. My friends are there, and thats nice, but sometimes interacting with them feels strange as well.


That's all for this week folks. Sorry it was a long one. Thanks for listening to my sleepy ramblings. Until next week!


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