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A new kind of mental shift


I talked about this a bit in my previous post, but I didn’t go into much detail. It’s been happening much more frequently since then, almost every time, every day.

Long story short, first set off by surgical complications - If I catch sight of myself, it happens, because I know how hurt I am. And there’s nothing I can do about it either aside from wait until the next appointment. Yay me.

For those who don’t know - Back then, in that world, I could harness the life force of those released mythical creatures in order to heal myself, at best instant, at its worst seconds-long. It came in pretty handy at times... Always a warm, energy-heightening feeling that stayed with me in this world.

Thing is, I’d never been this hurt before to have experienced this. It’s new.

And it’s like a total shock to the system. For split second my mind is in pure and utter disbelief that I can’t do that anymore. Some days it’s hard to wrap my head around it, other days it’s distressing.


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