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Sunday blog #2 (electric heckaloo)

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Well guys I  survived another week. It's been a bit of a pain, but all in all I'm ok. I'd actually like to start this out by giving a shout out to my good friend  @LovelyBeast they've been a great friend of mine irl for four or so years now. Thanks for being an incredible soul, you frick. 

And now the other stuff.


IRL Junk. . So, I've been in grand pain and discomfort for a few days. Why? Because im having a PH study done. So, thats why there's now a computer lodged In my throat. Im not wearing the exterior monitor anymore, which is nice. But the computer will stay for another few days. Its painful and hurts to eat. So I'm mostly surviving on soup (surprise, surprise).  

In other, less important news, im struggling with Zelda. Again. You know I think Navi is trying to mess me up. Heck.


Kin Related.   I got to see Bendy again this week! (You see, when they put me asleep to put in the computer, they used anesthesia. It makes astral stuff easier. *shrugs*)  He's... unbelievable sweet honestly. Ehe... it's always nice to see him. <3 Its also how I know my height has not changed since I actually lived at the studio. (He's... like six foot tall, I only come up to his chest)

Im a little sad im not spending this Christmas with him and the others, though that makes me feel kinda selfish...

Ventish:  ...do I matter as much if im not technically canon? I wasn't even supposed to exist ... idk



Thats all for this week folks. Thanks for reading, merry Christmas, happy haunica (I can't spelllllll), fabulous, festivus, ...great... Kwanzaa? AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR



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