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Why I'm here

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So I joined Kinmunity on Christmas 2018. Why did this happen? Well, the days before were very quiet. No work obligations, tons of free time (which unfortunately happens only rarely) and free to stay up long at night.
Besides following some usual daily habits and hobbies, I was looking up some images on Deviantart. I found a very nice dubstep/trap/eHouse stream and a great online fantasy comic. Now, this seems to have been a trigger situation. It somehow unchained my mind and put me into a kind of transcendential mood. I'm still unsure what really happened. Anyhow, this state continued to last several days, which enabled me to think a whole lot about my view on the world, especially as related to my own nature as a kin. Once again, I was trying to understand the meaning of it all. As one of the results, I found reconfirmed about my kin identity. And concluded it deserves some more exploration, and should not be ignored.

This is why I finally reached out to the otherkin community for the first time ever. I found kinmunity.com by Google search, and immediately liked its openness to new members. Reading through the publicly available parts, I quickly found contributions that seemed serious and meaningful to me. I've been deeply impressed by the level of rationality, the amount of consideration that obviously went into the site guidelines, and especially the media policy. I was left with the impression that both site creators and community members are very serious about what they're doing and are putting a lot of experience into it.

This gave me the confidence that it would be secure enough to give it a try and join. I'm normally very reluctant when it comes to socializing. I've been keeping my otherkin nature secret for over 20 years and didn't reveal it even to closest friends. I'll consistently continue to do so outside this community. But that means I'm also completely new to the idea to be around people who will accept it just like that. I don't know how this will turn out, but for the time being, I'm very grateful for this place. I hope I can stick around and learn.

I'm trying to understand the nature of being otherkin on a rational level. I'd like to learn about otherkin phenomena experienced by others, and get to know reasonable explanation models for the existence of such phenomena. I see there's tons of things I don't know yet. As always.

Regardless of how things turn out, I'd like to thank the creators of this website for this unique opportunity. At the same time, I'd like to thank everybody here for posting constructive and helpful contributions! I will do my best to do the same, as far as my time allows.

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