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A magical moment

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This morning, I again remembered a moment in my real life which maybe was the most "magical" moment I ever experienced. I would like to share it with you, and try to describe how it felt.

This happened no more than 10 years ago. I was attending an event in a, let's just say, fantasy-like setting. It was taking place in the open, at a lovely old location on a sunny day. I was standing on the grass and just discussing a few things with friends. In that moment and completely surprising to everyone, a wild bird came flying from the sky, sat on my shoulder, and stayed there for a maybe 10 seconds.

I noticed that some of my friends were speechless seeing this. It seems they were literally holding their breath. For myself, I can only tell that I stayed completely calm. I moved only carefully such as to not disturb the bird. It felt completely all right. I greeted the bird, saying somehing like "hi, little fellow". I thought to myself: "Stay there as long as you like. I'm fine with that". The setting was feeling totally nice and relaxed.

Not many words needed for catching the moment... but it's still something I enjoy to remember. Needless to say that it confirmed and strengthened my connection to nature and life to a great extent.


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