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PSA: idistuple

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It appears that an infamous ex-otherkin turned troll has resurfaced on Tumblr after a fairly long hiatus. idistuple which is shorthand for “I Dislike Stupid People” is a blog operated by ex-dragonkin Vencorr. He’s still posting hateful material against non-binary individuals as well as otherkin who don’t meet his narrow definition of valid.

Lately, he’s been joining otherkin Discord servers in order to post screenshots on his blog to mock and harass them. While he’s such a “good guy” about it by offering plausible deniability that harassment is indeed his motive by removing names, he posts enough screenshots that identification of those involved is trivial.

In order to prevent your community from being harassed:

Don’t be a low hanging fruit

In one of his recent posts, he states that a Discord server he infiltrated had absolutely no membership or joining requirements. An application may put off some users, but quality over quantity prevents stuff like this.

Don’t be afraid to remove nonconstructive members

If there’s a member that does nothing but stir the pot, it might be time to put on your boots and kick them out.

Blacklist him

Block him, give him no further attention, and encourage your friends to do the same.

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