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Introduction Blog

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Hi. im Dragon Runes. i'm a contherian & a polytherian and I've been in the otherkin community for about 6 years, i come across as a very morbid person at first but please don't let that stop you from reaching out to me. Below is a few bits of general information about me.


Name - Dragon Runes, Runes, Echo & Dragon. (not my real name)

Gender - Genderfluid.

Pronouns - they/them or she/her

Age - 17

Kitypes - Wolf, Fox, Deer, Raccoon, Deer, Bear, American bison, Crystal dragon, Shadow Dragon, & Wendigo

Main likes - warm spaces, being outside, tea, art & photography.

Main dislikes - pushy people, bullying, art thieves.


Going into depth on a few hobbies of mine, I'm an artist. I love the vulture culture and that often shows in a lot of my work. I'm also interested in mortuary science and forensic pathology. im a green witch, i love plants and animals and i love to take photos of my path and nature itself. im also into anime and animation and ive been working on a few things for a small animation too.


I love alot of dark and morbid things and if you would like to talk to me about those things i will not start the conversation due to the fact it may come on too strong and it may make people uncomfortable. if you would like to talk about those things I will give you another way to talk to me.


Why am i here?

- I'm interested in joining the community to hopefully meet new people. I love meeting new people and I would love to hear other people's side of otherkinity. In the community, I'm apart of I feel like not many people share experiences so I'm hoping to find that here.


How significant is therianthropy to you & How did you come across Therianthropy?

- Therianthropy has become a large part of my life. It has gotten to be so big and embedded in my past, present and future that I hardly think about it. I came across the topic through youtube, by cringe videos. When I started looking more into it I was putting names to the experiences I've been having since I could remember. This all started happening around the middle school.


Are you a therian & What is/are your theriotype(s)?

- Yes, i am. But i have come to consider myself otherkin since it's the umbrella term for it! My kintypes listed above in the short bio i wrote.


How did you find your theriotype/s & Do you believe that your therianthropy is spiritual, psychological, neurological, or something else in origin?

- Like i said above, i found the community through cringe videos and shortly after that i used a few techniques that many people used to discover there kintypes and out of those things AP and Meditation worked the best for me. I believe my identity is a mix of spiritual and psychological. It's very hard for me to explain.


but yeah. that's me lol! I hope to get to know many of you here!!


If anyone would like to get ahold of me, you can find me here!

(none of the accounts use my personal information!)


Art and business email -

Therian amino - Dragon Runes

The therian guide forum - Dragon Runes

Instagram - @luna_footprint

Snapchat - @lrunes666

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Guest Mirath


Firstly, welcome!

We have a subforum for introductions - Scent Rolling, so feel free to copy-paste this there, at least a lot more members would see it

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