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Many changes today


With all the wonderful questions I’ve gotten about my kintype, I have began to wonder if some of what I feel is actually right. The title of “Celestial Draconian Queen” will be my title of home, however, what exactly does the title mean in sorts of power? I can say right now I almost feel a sense of fear. A fear of those above me and of higher powers, excluding the celestial draconian creator gods. I feel a sense of gloom, of fog and sadness. Perhaps because I am not remembering the other figures in my life? I don’t feel that sense of highness that I did before, perhaps clearing the fog in my mind should help?

Even still, there is so much I don’t know, and about my “age”? Doesn’t seem right anymore. Now looking at the more logical side, how could so much time pass in one multiverse? I’ll get to 900 trillion one day, but I will not be close to reaching to it anytime soon.

I will clear the fog again soon, perhaps I might be a bit wiser...


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