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Well hey, it's me, ya boi, Kamoe. You probably don't know me, I'm trying to know me too, but I'll tell you a little bit about myself besides that sad excuse for an "about me" on my profile. Well since I'm here, I think you can guess I'm a therian or something, yeah, I am a therian or something, wolf therian to be exact (gasp, who would have thought) and as many therians, I have had this feeling for a long time. My mom says she started seeing all of the signs when I was four, but I think I may have been a little older, she takes things out of proportion a lot. But I know that it started around kindergarten (wait, was I even in kindergarten? How old are kindergarteners? Eh, I'm too lazy to google it because I am b u s y as f u c k. WELL ANYWAY, it was my very first year at a public school, when I met my childhood friend. Her name was Sheridan, she was the next door neighbor to my great-grandmothers, who I would visit every weekend. At school at recess, we had a giant wolf pack and our territory was by the trees at the back of the playground. And over time I would just watch people slowly leave, one by one, or by the secret alliances in the pack when one person would leave, their internal group would follow. And eventually, it was just me, and five others. We stuck together not for the wolf aspect really, just because the fact we all had tight bonds. Sheridan was the alpha, and she wouldn't let anyone else take her spot as alpha, so there she sat on her pedestal for years. And eventually, the others got too old for it, and they moved on around the time we moved to the middle school without a playground or outside time, they all said it was time to grow up. So now it was just Sheridan and I, behind her and my grandmother's house was our woods. We would run or lay in our den and talk for hours. Then eighth grade rolled around, she started to become a person I couldn't recognize, and she would find other friends in my absence from me moving back and forth with my mother because she was searching for love, guy hopping really. A new girl moved in while I moved away named Andy, they became best friends. I came back, and one day in the woods I was talking about how great it felt to be free, to be a wolf, or I was talking about wolf issues and she told me. "When will you move on and grow up? This all is getting old. I wasn't ever a wolf, and neither were you." So she went back to the group, and I was on my own. I felt like being this way was a curse, and I just wanted to get it out of me because it made me feel like a freak. It was the reason I lost everybody, and I hadn't felt close to them since. I moved on into high school, I am almost in my junior year, and no one could ever compare to them, I haven't really felt close to many. I have my twin flame Devon, Demokin. I met him in middle school, and we became close during the fall of everything in eighth grade. So here is the moral of the story here f e l l a s, no matter who you are, it'll feel like a blessing at times, and a curse at others I don't even know. Have good days my fellas -Kamoe

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