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[64 questions, pt.1] Species of the mind


Since some beautiful people kept/saved copies of those ridiculous lists of 'kin questions I wrote ages ago... I figure I should start working through answering them! I'm doing the ridiculously long one, because. Why not. But only one question at a time because there is a lot, ahaha. You can find the full list of questions here, if any of you reading want to give this madness a try.

1. What are your kintype/s?

I have three kintypes, two of which are extant Earthly carnivorans, and the other being a strange, incorporeal, shapeshifting nature spirit.

The one I know the most about is my wolf theriotype. I identify as a Eurasian wolf (subspecies Canis lupus lupus) belonging to a specific, morphologically unique variety found around the Finnish-Russian border - the only difference between them and any other Eurasian wolf being the unusual yellow/golden tint to the fur present in some (but not all) of the population. I identify as one of those yellowish wolves, with some brown/greyish-brown fur along my back and a paler cream underside. I'm not sure what my eye colour was but, based on other wolves of a similar kind of colour to me, I'd guess either amber or light brown. I was an adult female wolf, 5-6 years old, of average size for the population I came from - maybe slightly bulkier than your typical female, but I'm not really sure. I tend to think of myself as being in full winter coat, since the place I believe I lived in was cold and snowy for most of the year. Beyond that, I'm... just a wolf. Just a dumb, timid animal that hunted and ate and slept same as any other. I'm a vacillant/suntherian - this theriotype is very much integrated into my baseline personality, and I'm always both mentally and phantom shifted to some degree (though it varies). I have constant phantom wolf ears, but have experienced everything up to full-body ph-shifts. Shifts/slides usually happen according to external stimuli or my mood, but I can voluntarily shift as well.

My other theriotype in an Amur leopard, Panthera pardus orientalis. I don't know as much about this one, and it's something I'm still exploring. I think this is a con-theriotype, since I don't experience mental shifts or vacillations, but I'm not really sure. This part of me mostly presents itself in the form of subconscious instincts and momentary urges which I have experienced for just as long as I've experienced wolf things, but never consciously recognised for the longest time - then, after I did pick up on them, I dismissed it all as part of my spirit kintype (which I was still trying to figure out at the time). More specifically... well, I know I'm an Amur leopard because the feelings associated with this indicate something physically identical to a true leopard, but with a thicker coat of fur and slightly different lifestyle to the more well-known varieties from the savannas of Africa and South Asia. I feel like I belong in temperate, seasonal forests, hunting deer rather than antelopes. I know those feelings aren't related to my other theriotype because of the differences in behaviour, body language and movement style. It's hard to really explain how I know it, though. The impulses and behavioural quirks associated with this theriotype are mostly subconscious. Sometimes I feel the urge to pounce on or ambush "prey" animals (especially deer, when I see them). Sometimes I feel a bit territorial, especially with the domestic cats in the area, and want to hiss at them (I don't, of course! I love cats. But inner cat-me just sees them as competition, I guess). I also tend to make some feline kinds of noises when I'm alone, like hisses, chuffs and hums/purrs (which... leopards technically don't make, but they do make a very purr-like rumbling sound). I'm guessing the momentary urge I get to rub my scent all over things is a cat behaviour too. 😛 

Which just leaves my other kintype - the nature spirit. By far the weirdest, most hard to understand one. I'm a... very, very old energy thing that's intrinsically connected to the Earth, and the cycles of nature. Life, death, evolution, extinction; all the ways energy travels from one lifeform to the next, and all the patterns formed in the process. It's closely connected with most natural phenomena, especially volcanic/tectonic activity. It also has an affinity for natural disasters and the regrowth that happens after them. And, on a more animal level, it feels connected to the relationships between predator and prey, and the intricate connections between birth, death, decay and growth. So basically all the natural forces and processes that make our planet the beautiful, terrifying place that it is. The form I associate with this kintype is fluid and composed of various scales and shards of igneous rock, with energy radiating from the eyes, mouth, and gaps between the "scales" which becomes more intense according to its mood. It seems to appear as something dragon-like most of the time, with a somewhat short, powerful snout full of exposed teeth, four to eight "eyes", a longish neck, one to three pairs of leathery wings, a variable amount of legs (though usually more than four) and whip-like tail/s (most commonly one or two). Its form seems to change according to mood and intention, and it can shapeshift fluidly and without effort. This kintype is the one most removed from my human personality. Shift-wise, I get a bit of everything - mental, phantom, sensory, etc. Shifts are rare but, when they happen, are always vivid and intense.

So. That's that. One down, 64 to go... or technically more than that, counting sub-questions. Agh. This is gonna take a while.


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