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2 week meditation log


Here's just some excerpt from my meditation and dream log for the last two weeks... I'm actually stunned to see that there happened a lot.
Note: I don't try so much to interpret or explain at this point, I primarily describe what I've seen and felt.

12/01/19 (evening)
I practice to do a wake-induced lucid dream, but I fail to realize the lucid state... I guess should practice to lay in bed in full draconian form such that I don't have to transform when the dream gets lucid.


Got a better phantom limb feeling by meditating. The teeth in my mouth are sharp as hell... Also had an unintended lucid dream, but it didn't last long. I need to be less excited when this happens.

14/01/19 (evening)
Was able to do a full dragon transform during meditation without listening to a sound. Feels almost as realistic as in a lucid dream. Awesome. After this, I think: why can I do this so fast? What the heck is happening to my mind??

15/01/19 (morning)
Can't sleep well. Have a series of lucid dreams in which I try to change my arm into draconian form in a very "physical-shift like" setting. Managed to dive in and out of lucidity for 4-5 times, but the transform proves to be very tough. My subconcious still seems to cling to the human form. However, this basically feels like developing a body to shapeshift into. I need to work on the details. Also talked to a bearded guy in a dream who recommended to check out the astral plane (if I understood that right) and learn about experiences of others.

Short session to work on draconian form details... need to work on head and wings. Also, I have a visualization session (lying on meadow). Found the necklace I've seen in an earlier session nearby. Made a coarse drawing. Maybe I should try to manufacture it?

I recreate the setting from the end of this session. I ask the other dragons about the nature of time. They don't care about it. Time has no meaning, all what counts is we're here now. I ask about the necklace. They say it's mine. I ask about earth. They tell it's our place, a place dear to us. I land on a hill, the others back off. There is a big stone pedestal on top of the hill; something hovers on there.. is it the necklace? I take it. I take off again and seem to fly through a dimensional door.. did I arrive here on earth?

I have the idea to try a completely different meditation approach. I orignially wanted to do this outside, but it's too cold, so I do it in the house. In a standing posture, I do a full phantom shift into draconian form, then kneel down, put one claw/hand to the floor, and continue to phantom shift to dragon form. This feels very intense. I then try to connect to earth and find the Earth Guardian to ask about some memories. I manage that, but only got a storm of images with fire, lava, meteors, life evolving, life being extinct. Nothing to really get a grasp on.

I have a mildly weird but intense uncontrolled dream. It indicates that I'm searching for the source of an attack which affects everybody around.Strange enough I wake up on my own at exactly the right time to switch off my alarm clock in the split second before the alarm goes off 😉

Well I guess weird things happen if you ask for them... I have a meditation session which takes only about 5 minutes. I start again in draconian form lying on a meadow. Soon the scene would change into a prehistoric setting I saw on 20/01/19. There are mostly rocks, a cave, and a small sea of lava. I try to stir around in the lava with my claw... feels like honey. Then, I search for the Earth Guardian and readily find it. I ask it to do something unexpected. It soars into the sky, I follow. It soars into space heading towards sun, I follow. It returns to earth, but I continue to approach the sun. I hover in space, the sun in front of me... I'm puzzled. What the heck should I do here? I feel the urge to fly into the sun. I do that. Inside, I feel a boost of energy and try to transform into full dragon form - but then, for a few seconds, it feels like I am the sun. I eventually manage to get out there, again hovering in front of the sun. I'm puzzled and return to earth.

I have to say this was really unexpected - after the session I thought to myself "What the heck was that??". I never ever imagined flying into the sun before, and I still don't have the feeling that the sun is the source of my energy... I guess I'll have to re-do this trip and take more attention into details and how things feel. I need to generally work on making the sessions more intense and detailed.


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