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SDB#7: here we are again

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Week? Where did you go? Aaa who cares? Its time to write more ramblings people don't actually read!

School:  well, that kids no longer bothering me. So, thats good. Whatever happened that day.did happen once more, again in my defense. We start our next semester on Tuesday. So thats good, we're halfway through the year. Still feels surreal going to school. Eh. Whatever

Kin: Nothing to new, though I astrally visited Bendy again. Its always nice to see him. I swear he's so sweet. Until you piss him off but ya know. 

Life: well I finally beat that Zelda game. On to the next one. Unrelated but i've been really tired lately. Probably due to stress idk


Well thats all for this week, bla bla, blog. See you next week

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