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A first ever look upon a Godec form



A commission I did via a artist to give a first ever impressio from one of my Godec forms. This is a form I do experience commonly and hopefully gives a good insight in how familiar and yet alien the forms can look. This is my lion form and the first one to be brought to life via art. I know people can be a bit confused sometimes at how it can possibly look.

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That is a great realistic style - do you have a website link or something for the artist?

And, if you’re comfortable sharing - how much did that cost?

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Sorry for the late reply. Never got notifications that I had comments here. 



This is a link to his profile on sketchmob. The price was 115 dollars but that is a set price with only some additions making it more expensive. The price stays the same no matter how complex the creature is.

As for the rest. Keep in mind that this is just one of the many forms I have in the Godec kintype. I hope to get more commissions done in the furture for the forms that I experience most. The reason I chose the lion over the dragon form is that the dragon is mostly not to different from Western dragons so it is not hard to imagine how it could look like, The lion however I felt it was something more different with only a rough description of both a Earthly element and alien elements in it. The lion just presented more interesting to be the first form realized in art form. I hope that the next forms can be done by the same artist since the style exactly suits what I am searching for. While I cannot guarantee that the art piece is 100 procent accurate to what the lion is made of, it is based on what I experience with my shifts. Worst case scenario is that it misses at least a couple small details but the appearance is mostly correct with the most important elements.

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